Eu - Region

Eu - Region
Eu-Region - Dreilaendereck  At this point, the highest parts of the Netherlands, the Belgian Ardennes and the nearby German Eifel Nature Reserve all come together forming the Eu-Region.
A Variety of small towns and villages offering the visitor numerous events and places of interest of the
Dutch, French and German speaking communities. English is spoken and understood at many Travel-Related Points.
If you do not wish to travel per car or air, a network of luxury trains
Eurostar, London to Brussel, and other, the InterCity-Express with connections to all major European Destinations will get you comfortably and fast to further desired Vacation or Business Points from the Eu-Region.
Should you wants to travel cost-effective to the Eu-Region, National Express European Bus Services, Euro-Lines will get you there comfortably and fast.
Vue aerienne

Belgian, Dutch and German Border Village
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Theatre and Shopping in Bath Aachen
Many Stylish Pubs And Restaurants In Bath Aachen
As Can Be Seen On This Traffic Sign - Small Towns of all Three Eu-Region Countries Are In Close Reach
The "Marschiertor"  Many Centuries Old Its A Historical Monument In Aachen German Border Town To Belgium And Netherlands
Vaals, Netherlands Street Scene And Dutch Pub
Top And Right Top - Impressions In Bath Aachen
Gemmenich Streetscene - Belgium
The Eifel Nature Reserve Is Located South Of Aachen - See Map Below. Above Images Have Been Taken Just South of Aachen
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EU-Region Map The EU-Region Is Located At The South Eastern Border Of Netherlands To Belgium And Germany
Scale   1 :  250 000       3 Inch Represents About 20 Km In Air Distance
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